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still love you

If you read this, and you know who you are, know that you are still my heart, but I can't let you hurt me anymore. If you were to want me again, I would be yours in a heartbeat. But I'm not waiting or putting my life on hold anymore. You want me, you know how to find me. Otherwise, I hope you have a good life... And for my own benefit I need to say, I believed in you more than any other person ever, and I always tried to help you be a better person. Just know that when love seems to have abaondened you, you are the one who in fact abandoned love.

I remember

Everytime I get like this, this song gets stuck in my head. I love this song.


The airborne heavy drop cache

I want this thing cut out of me
The thing that makes me incapable of caring about anyone else
This black beating organ inside my chest

No not really

I want yours to beat for me again
To quicken at the thought of my voice
To skip at the site of my image

The way mine does with you

Take my heart
It belongs to you
I have no use for it anymore



New landscapes
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so very tired

come lay beside me

while i try to sleep
I promise I'll be good
I just want to feel
you close to me tonight

I probably won't rest
just lie awake and stare
at you while your chest
moves up and down with breath

if my eyelids fall closed
do not be alarmed cause
I see you as I doze
in my dreams you're always there

come lay beside me

in my bed that is pleasant
under blankets that are warm
and inside is the present
of contented sleep for us both

if you drift away
I will protect you all night
until the break of day
pushes it's way through the curtains

let's sleep together in bed
one comfy, cozy, and ours
we're rest out weary heads
upon one another

Come lay beside me

I promise I'll be good
I only want to watch you sleeping
from now till forever should
be just about enough time

Come lay beside me


smile worthy


Ok this vid sux, but this song is awesome. I never thought I would say this about an American Idol contestant, but Daughtry rox

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I am here
In this place I call hell
I have to fake that i am alright
The entire time I am here
I can't look sad or be quiet
I have to laugh and be polite no matter what
I hate it here
If I am ever sent to a hell dimension it will look exactly like Laurinburg

Happy memories of times with him are imprinted on every inch of this area
I hate pretending to laugh
I start to feel psycho after awhile
I hate trying to smile and be upbeat when all I want is to scream
These people ruined my life
They took away part of my family from me
And they expect me to be glad and sacrifice a bird with them

Breaking bread with the enemy
The ones who made me the miserable sop I am today
I'm not blaming all the problems in my life on these people
Just the one that matters
They took my love away from me
Now I am empty and hollow
One more day of pretending to be alright
Then I can stay away for another two months... at least